Master Full Stack Web Development in Haldwani | 3-Month Training, 9 Hours Daily
Experience a 3-Month 9 Hours Daily

Full Stack Developer Training Like Never Before

An opportunity to learn from seasoned professionals at leading multinational corporations.


This is Not a
This is an
On-Job Training

Scroll down to find out why you should join this training program instead of traditional courses.

Do you want to save your time and start your career sooner?
Why spend a whole year learning when you can learn the same in just three months? With 9 hours a day for 3 months, you'll cover what takes a year in traditional courses.
Which holds greater value for you?
Learning in a coaching with students like you VS learning alongside industry professionals, getting real-world experience.
Why settle for outdated knowledge in traditional courses?
This program provides hands-on experience, guaranteeing your skills are always 100% current and aligned with the latest industry practices.
Looking for practical skills and real-life projects?
Traditional courses lack real-life projects, but this program focuses entirely on real-life projects, enhancing practical skills and problem-solving abilities.
Who do you think will learn better and faster?
50 students in a coaching or 5 participants sitting and learning with industry experts.
Who is eligible to join this training program?
This program is open to students who are either currently pursuing or have completed their graduation. Anyone with a serious interest in pursuing a career in IT is welcome to enroll in this course. It's important to note that there are only 5 available seats, and selection is based on a test.
Become Job-Ready With
Full Stack Development Training in Haldwani
9 Hours Daily, In-Person
Intensive 3-Month Program
Real-World Readiness
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About The Training

At BoffinBrains, we're not just offering a Full Stack Developer training; we're offering a transformational journey. Join us for an intensive 3-month program that promises to shape you into a Full Stack Developer, ready for the real world.

What You'll Learn? Throughout the 3 months, you'll cover:

Build the foundations of web design.

Introduction to Javascript

Dive into dynamic web development.

PHP & MySql

Master server-side programming and database management.

Introduction to Laravel

Harness the power of a robust PHP framework.

2-3 hours of coaching doesn't work
Join 9 hrs. Full-Time Training Program
What Sets Up Apart?
9 Hours Daily, In-Person

Immerse yourself in coding, web development, and problem-solving for 9 hours every day, Monday through Friday.

Learn from MNC Professionals

Gain insights from experienced trainers with more than 14 years in the industry.

Practical Training

This training is all about hands-on experience. We believe in learning by doing, and you'll be building real projects from day one.

Live Projects

With live projects, work on real-world projects and build your portfolio.

Job Opportunity

The trainee who demonstrates the highest level of performance will have the exceptional opportunity to secure a position as a full-stack developer at BoffinBrains, showcasing their skills and expertise in this dynamic and exciting role.

Meet Your Mentors: Extensive 15 Year Plus Industry Experience
Mr. Ashwyn
Mr. Ashwyn
Ex-Samsung, Harman, Tech Mahindra
Mrs. Vaishali
Mrs. Vaishali
Ex-Wipro, Springer Nature
Mr. Vipin
Mr. Vipin
Ex-IndiaMART, Sodexo
Frequently asked questions
What is the daily schedule like for this Full Stack Developer training?

The daily schedule for the Full Stack Developer training is as follows: Classes are held from 9:30 am to 6:30 pm, five days a week, from Monday to Friday. During this time, students will engage in a 9-hour in-person session, which includes breaks and various activities related to coding, web development, and problem-solving. This schedule also provides students with the opportunity to interact with our team members.

What makes BoffinBrains' Full Stack Developer training unique?

Our training goes beyond traditional training; it's a transformational journey. With an intensive 3-month program, we focus on real-world readiness and ensure you're fully equipped as a Full Stack Developer upon completion.

Are there any prerequisites or prior experience required to enroll in this training?

No, there are no specific prerequisites or requirements for prior coding experience, but students should have a background in computer science or a related field of study. Additionally, as part of the enrollment process, you will need to take a test on TestGorilla. There are no age restrictions or other specific requirements for enrollment.

Who are the instructors, and what sets them apart?

Our instructors are seasoned professionals with over 15 years of industry experience working in top-tier MNCs. Learn from their insights and practical knowledge to gain a competitive edge in the field.